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3 Lessons on Innovation from Puma’s Brand Resurgence

Sports lifestyle brand Puma is pushing innovation in style and retail experience. They are reorienting brand identity to connect with customers in more meaningful ways, with greater use of technology both inside and outside of stores. And they have pushed to created a forward-thinking identity by pursuing demographic growth and sustainable design. Their brand identity is informed by three general brand trends that identify Puma with created spaces and innovations for growth.

See Sustainability as Key to Excellence

Puma Branding
Credit: LOT-EK


Puma sees the responsible practice as a prerequisite part of the brand identity, and they integrate this principle into makings its products as well as the customer-facing spaces they create. Puma prioritizes sustainability and appropriate working conditions throughout its production process while also pursuing innovations in green design in its retail spaces for the past decade. After monetizing their environmental impact, they were able to diminish their greatest ecological offenders and create a new standard for transparency. The company has also attracted positive publicity with exciting pre-fab pop-up stores and design that meets the highest green standards around the world. By integrating sustainability into many aspects of the consumer experience, the company cultivates a forward-looking identity.

Set Standards in Retail Technology

In Store Unit POS
Credit: Kim Gray Lifestyle

Around the world, Puma has pioneered innovative retail technology. And it’s not just flashy–interfaces at various scales can create unique consumer experiences not available through traditional means. Accessibility is emphasized as visitors can personalize their shopping experience and solicit more information about products. In Japan, an interactive mirror allows consumers to save photos or change their wardrobe virtually while elsewhere, screens throughout the store let the user play and interact with products, or explore wider inventories. These innovations make Puma products more accessible and shopping more personalized while highlighting the company’s interest in technology.


Embrace Smart Partnerships and Networks

Rihanna Kylie Puma
Credit: Puma

Puma identified women consumers as essential for the company’s success, embracing this market with an aggressive “Our Future is Female” campaign and finding powerful partners to grow that base. The company has engaged two high-profile brand ambassadors, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, and is seeing the investment pay off. Both A-list celebrities set trends via social media and can link Puma to the everyday sportswear style they share with their existing fan base. Puma saw women as a strong market segment and embraced them with smart partnerships that informed Puma’s brand identity and grew its consumer base.

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