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4 Trends Shaking Up Grocery Retail Retailers and consumers should take note of these four trends changing the grocery industry.

Walk into any grocery or check in on your favorite supermarket’s Twitter account, and you’re sure to be bombarded with dozens of new products and trends. Each will claim to be the next big thing—but how are you to know for sure? We’ve sorted through the latest trends and picked out four key trends changing the face of retail. Whether you’re a retailer yourself or simply a savvy consumer, take note!

Green Tea Revolution

Health experts have long been announcing green tea as the healthier alternative to the daily cup of coffee. But is this the year their prediction finally comes true? The popularity of green tea formulas like matcha, and more unexpected varieties like green tea ice cream, there’s never been a better time to sample it, or stock a variety in your grocery store.

Dine-In (in-store, that is)

Today, fast food dining doesn’t cut it for increasingly health-conscious families across the states. Grocery stores like Whole Foods are filling this need by giving customers enticing in-store dining options, complete with comfortable seating and menus that go beyond average deli fair.

Mooove Over, Milk

Grocery sales of dairy milk might be dropping, but that doesn’t mean Americans are foregoing creamy beverages. Stepping up to the plate is a host of new non-dairy milks. From almond to soy to cashew, Americans are showing it’s the alternative they prefer.

From Low Fat to Full Fat

The US government recommends less sugar, more vegetables, and…. more fat? Well, not exactly. But the definition of good fat has been broadened, and gone is the limit on dietary cholesterol. Accordingly, grocery sales of butter, cheese, eggs, and milk are rising. Consumers are on the look out for full fat yogurts and fatty nuts especially.

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