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Choosing the Right Store Fixtures for Your Small Business An interview with Tebo Store Fixture’s retail design expert, Jenna Webb

Getting Started

How can the right store fixture enhance the products on display?

With the correct amount of lighting, and the way the display is setup, the products can be easily enhanced to be eye catching and appealing.

What are the most important factors a retailer should consider before choosing fixtures to outfit a new store?

First and foremost, they should consider how much space they have to work with. This will help determine the right size fixtures to fit the store appropriately. Also, they would need to gather the right kind of fixtures that would display their product the best.


Attracting Customers

Which types of display solution are most successful at grabbing a shopper’s attention as soon as they enter?

Lighted signs, display cases, etc. Lighting is important for grabbing shopper’s attention. Vibrant colors can grab attention as well.

If you want to encourage shoppers to pick up and touch products, which fixtures are the most inviting?

Item that are in “dump bins” are appealing. Also, spinning racks work well. Any items on shelves, or on top of display cases will catch a customer’s eye.

slatwall-store-fixtures-tebo Spending Smart

For a client with a limited budget, what’s the most important area of store design they should invest in?

Used items are a great solution. Grid wall is also fairly inexpensive, as are the hooks and accessories.

For stores looking to maximize a small space, do you have any tricks?

Hanging slatwall with attached slatwall can help maximize vertical space. That decreases space that you would have with traditional shelving. Slatwall traditionally is ¾ inch thick. 

tebo-store fixtures-jenna webbExpert Tricks

Where do you see clients making mistakes most often?

I see a lot of customers who don’t measure their space before they come into purchase their items, which can cause problems. Also, when installing slatwall, if you are installing the aluminum (or any) inserts, they need to be installed before the slatwall is hung up.

Are there any design trends you think small businesses should be aware of? A favorite new fixture from Tebo Store Fixtures?

Slatwall is becoming more and more popular. It looks nice, classy, and doesn’t take up too much space. There are also numerous ways to display items from slatwall. Gridwall is also very popular, and saves on space too.

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