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4 Easy Ways To Be an Earth-Friendly Retailer How retailers can make a difference (and make more sales!)

Say Goodbye to Plastic

Chances are, you and your customers have nothing against sea turtles. But if you use plastic bags, then you’re part of a huge problem for these endangered species, since 85 percent of sea turtles will be hurt or killed by plastic bags in their lifetimes. So why aren’t more people switching to re-usable tote bags? Well, old habits die hard, and plastic bags are convenient. Getting customers to change their habits is easier when you offer an attractive alternative like a custom-made, reusable tote bag printed with your store’s log. Better yet, tote bags are a free advertisement your customers will be proud to carry.


If You’re Not Using It, Why Is it Plugged In?

One of the simplest ways to make an impact is also the simplest. Remembering to unplug the devices that power your store can save ten percent on energy usage. And unplugging lowers not only your environmental footprint, but your store’s energy bill, too. Make a checklist of the following items for store employees to turn off before closing up shop:

  • TV monitors
  • POS systems
  • Computers
  • Small appliances like coffeemakers and toasters

Get Creative

Reduce, reuse—reinvent! Eco-friendly design doesn’t require outfitting your store exclusively in hemp and natural materials. Instead, consider creatively reusing a product or material that you have too much of. Was there a misprint on a t-shirt? Turn it into a rag rug! Wondering what to do with all those cardboard boxes after a shipment arrived? Repurpose them into gift tags or a plant holder! Have too many old store flyers? Get artsy and reimagine the images in a fun collage that celebrates your brand!

Pass it On

Who doesn’t want to offset consumer guilt by paying a good deed to Mother Nature? Give your customers a dose of retail therapy with a thoughtfully written message about your store’s new eco-friendly policies. Whether it’s a small note framed next to the cash register, a post on the company Facebook, or a face-to-face conversation between cashier and customer—it only takes a second to start a chain of good actions for the earth all year round.

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