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Customer Appreciation Case Study Show Love To Your Customers

How would you like this to happen to you, as customer appreciation?

Customer Appreciation Is Powerful

Customer appreciation is an amazing way to make people happy, but it also makes your business stay on the forefront of your customers’ mind! If you were a WestJet flyer, you’d never forget the amazing experience at the unexpected baggage claim.

Customer loyalty is made by going above expectations and it is beyond just giving your customers a product or service, but making that experience remarkable. When it is so powerful your customers remember your business, and share the story with potential future customers.

How Does Customer Appreciation Help?

This word of mouth is, arguably, the best type of promotion for your business. Referrals can spread like wildfire! A good word about your store can create a positive attitude towards your establishment – even if someone has never been there. Plus, word of mouth itself is free. All you need to do is have excellent customer service and provide a pleasant surprise now and then.

Besides being free, word of mouth also means a lot to people. Consumers are more likely to listen to their friend’s recommendation about your business than Yelp reviews. One good customer experience can lead to a patron recommending all their friends to shop at your store.

With almost 47 million views, the cost for WestJet to make a Christmas miracle real is well worth it. If you do something memorable, make sure people know about it, make it a big deal! Nothing is special if you do it every day, or for every customer, so keep your customer appreciation exclusive, celebratory, or rewarding. And as a general marketing rule, be sure to budget 1.3 times the cost of what is spent on the customer appreciation act to promote everything.

Your Turn To Show Love


Customer Appreciation tips

Give, and you shall receive! Not everyone can do what WestJet did. However, there are plenty of ways you can provide and create a positive experience. Sometimes a special surprise can make all the difference. Here are a few ideas we’ve come up with to make a small difference into a big reward.

  • Donate to charity on customer’s behalf
  • Give a little gift – especially if it has your name on it
  • Host an After-Hours Sale for your best customers to look at new inventory
  • Make holiday cards conveniently available in your store
  • Offer special holiday packaging
  • Provide a small “Just Because” discount and make someone’s day
  • Spotlight “customer of the week” on social media
  • Start a rewards program
  • Throw a little customer appreciation party
  • Hand write a thank you letter

For a jewelry business, a more WestJet-style reward could be more intimate – a proposal. If a customer comes in and buys your most expensive ring, you’ll be pretty happy. And confident that your new favorite customer is going to pop the question and get a good answer. Why not help that person pull off an elaborate and fun proposal? You could hire a camera crew and film the whole thing. Share that special moment on social media and create a following of people who like you and what you do! Everyone will talk about how awesome you are.

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