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3 Reasons for A Different Slatwall Groove Size Three-inch on-center isn't for everyone.

Slatwall Groove Size on-center

Slatwall groove size or “on-center” refers to the space between the grooves in a slatwall panel. The standard size is 3” on-center. Three-inch on-center is a great size because it allows for configuration of most shelves, baskets, and displays.

However, 3” on-center is also very common, in other terms, not unique. Creating a unique in-store experience is essential for your store (here’s why). Nearly all aspects of slatwall are customizable, so why not have a special fixture in your store? Here are three reasons to choose a different slatwall groove size.

Product Size

If you have large products, your shelves will already be spaced out and all those extra grooves will be useless. If you’re dealing with a 2-foot-tall product, get 3 foot on-center slatwall to display it. This will show off your product without any extra grooves distracting the attention of your customers.


If your brand has a specific feel, your in-store experience should, too. Match your minimalist brand image and space your products out more with 4” or 5” on-center slatwall grooves. This will also minimize the number of distracting grooves on your wall.

If your store is full of small trinkets that don’t take up much space on a shelf, you could display more product with more shelves. Make your slatwall groove size 2” on-center.


Do you sell specialty products and want to display them proudly? Allow room for your merchandise to shine with large spacious displays and a 6” on-center slatwall. Clearly display detaile
d products will help your customers to appreciate them and their craftsmanship.

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