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How Successful Digital Signage Uses Social Media Two powerful marketing tools can work together to optimize store displays and build brand community.

Long gone are the days of a single TV screen capturing a consumer’s attention. With the rise of mobile devices and social media, smart retailers need to utilize omnichannel tactics. Digital signage—by drawing shoppers’ attention in downtime, displaying real-time information, and creating inspiring calls to action—can enable retailers to actively connect with their customers in ways that traditional displays alone can’t.

Captive audience
Like TV, digital signage is bright and eye-catching. Sixty-three percent of adults report that it gets their attention. But unlike TV, digital signage has unlimited applications—from gas stations to grocery stores to luxury retail, there’s no place these screens can’t go. Those off moments consumers spend waiting in line to check out, reading a digital menu board, standing by a dressing room, are transformed into opportunities to engage. And as more shoppers fill their downtime checking social media on their mobile devices, the more critical it is for retailers to optimize store displays to integrate these platforms.

Real Time Engagement
Part of the appeal of social media is that it offers an up-to-the minute stream of news, events, and images. Digital signage can magnify this real-time appeal by displaying a customized live feed from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. With this tool in hand, retailers can create a call to action—asking customers what their favorite recipe is, encouraging them to act on a promotional offer or holiday sale, give feedback on new products—in a way that feels honest and direct.

Building a Brand Community
Social media on digital signage shouldn’t be a one-way street. When a shopper answers a retailer’s post on a digital display she should see her response displayed on the screen. Retailers should embrace the opportunity to thoughtfully respond to customer feedback, ensuring a positive shopping experience and customer loyalty. And the more a customer connects via social media, the more insightful consumer analytics they can collect to fine tune the retail experience.

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