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How’s Business: Seventy West An mobile retail boutique hits the streets of Denver.

Seventy West has a Grand Opening on Friday, May 12 at 5:00pm. Look for them at el camino in Denver! 

seventy west laura and ali

Laura, the owner of Seventy West, recently stopped in Tebo. We asked her how her business was doing and she said, “We open in May so I can’t say much on the success of our business quite yet!” A new business – exciting! We talked to Laura some more and want to share her amazing experience of starting a mobile boutique in Denver, Colorado.

Getting Started

seventy west outside truck

Laura and her business partner/fashion expert/bestie, Ali, grew up in Ohio and traveled to the Centennial State of Colorado after college on Interstate 70 West (thus, the name of their store). They had a mission: “to reflect and inspire the Colorado lifestyle and provide you with lasting style forever.”

Loving Colorado, they decided to compliment state, its landscape, and the lifestyle of the residents with clothing and accessories for active and easy-going lifestyle.

Seventy West

seventy west interior front facing

With some goals and ideas set, Laura embarked on starting up her own business. Ali helped with her fashionista sense of style, and their passion became an obsession.

Their focus narrowed, and they worked hard, ignored the naysayers, and kept their chins up even when they hit setbacks – which happened.

Laura and Ali’s inspiration for their dream-store came from their lifestyle; they are Colorado women who love hiking, camping, rafting, fishing, and skiing. The store, its merchandise, and design reflect Laura and Ali’s ideas of comfortable, convenient, exciting, and chic fashion.

But why a store on wheels? Laura says it was more flexible and mobile. This unique idea allows the store to be where the people are. It also opens the store to be open at all kinds of events in different locations.

In only 5 months, Laura, Ali, and their husbands turned a grimy old truck into a glorious mobile fashion store. They altered it by adding recycled hardwood flooring, salvaging cabinets, and reusing a butcher block for the checkout counter.

Like other stores, there is a dressing room for customers to try on clothing. Laura and Ali wanted Seventy West customers to be as comfortable as they were in a normal store while getting a unique shopping experience.

Less store-space and a mobile store means more prominent (and secure) displays for clothing and accessories. Seventy West will have new merchandise all the time, so customers are encouraged to check out the boutique frequently!

Seventy West offers

  • Women’s clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Local art
  • Custom leather branding
  • Parties
  • Style consults

You can find Seventy West almost every week at Local 46 and Hogshead Brewery. The mobile boutique will also be found at events and festivals around the Denver area. Check their website, sign up for the newsletter, and follow them on social media to get the most up-to-date times and locations – don’t miss out!

Seventy West’s Grand Opening is on Friday, May 12 at 5:00pm. Look for them at el camino in Denver. 

Laura’s Advice

seventy west interior changing room

When starting a company, Laura says you should expect setbacks, “they are 100% going to happen.” But whether it’s in your control or not, keep a positive attitude and continue towards your goal. Get obsessed with your business; if you don’t have that kind of passion, it’s probably not the best thing for you.

Laura says, “I read once that if you have to search hard to find what it is you are passionate about, you’re probably not that passionate about it.”

Laura and Ali remind themselves why they’re so dedicated; they have an entrepreneurial hunger for what they’re doing! Remembering, Laura says, makes them excited and ready to push forward.

Her last piece of advice is that working with your bestie doesn’t hurt when starting your own business!

How’s your business?

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