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Re-Working Puma’s Store Interfaces for Digital Integration


store-interface-pumaDigital retail space opportunities are new and exciting, and many innovations are complementary or additive.However, the in-store experience of the future conjures images of full physical and digital integration, and Tebo can work with a leading global brand to develop custom digital and physical retail signage and display. The sports leisure company Puma has been leading the industry in digital integration as one facet of its campaign to highlight brand innovation, and Tebo is a partner as they create a global standard for seamless interactive displays in their retail sites.

pumas-headquartersTo serve the needs of client Puma, Tebo has partnered with Ping to develop custom integrated fixtures for Puma’s retail spaces. Tebo has developed a flexible software system that is easy to use and can be controlled remotely. These features are desirable to companies like Puma as they facilitate more natural global standardization and product or campaign roll-outs, as well as being user-friendly on both the customer and employee or designer end. These features and fixtures create appealing, cutting-edge spaces that bring the best of online shopping—product depth and choice—with the tangible sense of the brick and mortar showroom.

Innovative and advances retail spaces are just one aspect of creating a forward-looking brand identity for companies like Puma. With Ping as development partners, Tebo is working on prototyping complete fixture systems that hold not only the monitor that houses digital user interfaces but also act as a display shelf for shoes and apparel.  By marrying traditional fixtures with interactive signage, Tebo is working to create a forward-looking standard for retail design.

This partnership will lead to many exciting prototypes and installations in the future with a variety of design and development partners. Tebo looks forward to the upcoming PAVE competition with young designers from the Art Institute of Colorado. This is an opportunity for companies and students to work in charrette for designs that could be installed around the world. The competition pairs students with a fixture developer like Tebo and an iconic brand like Puma to collaborate on unique fixtures to design an innovative in-store experience. The winning Puma, Tebo and Colorado team will then compete against other company teams for the most successful digitized store experience. This collaboration is one aspect of Tebo and Puma’s partnership for innovative digitized sales experiences.

Source: Art Institute of Colorado



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