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Smart Dressing Rooms Accelerate Brick & Mortar Shopping The latest dressing room technologies are bridging the gap between the in-store and online.

Thanks to features like tracking tools, customizable lighting, try-on memory, and social media integration, smart dressing rooms can help retailers capture consumers’ imagination in meaningful, personal ways.

Smart Dressing Rooms 2.0

While similar technologies have appeared on the market earlier, this new wave of smart dressing rooms is gaining traction with prominent brands: Kenneth Cole, Rebecca Minkoff, and Ralph Lauren all introduced interactive fitting rooms in their stores within the last year.

Custom Fit

At the core of each digitally equipped dressing room is a touch screen mirror that connects shoppers with the data-driven tools familiar to e-commerce. From the swipe of a finger, visitors can search for additional sizes or review their shopping history. RFID-transmitters can recognize body type and provide personalized shopping recommendations. Customers can even choose a specific lighting setting, like “Fifth Avenue Daylight,” a choice at the flagship Ralph Lauren store.

Social Shopping

And with seamless sharing options, the solo shopper doesn’t have to angle for the perfect Instagram selfie to get feedback from her friends; the mirror records the try-on session and sends it directly to her phone. Social media-capabilities are key for luring young shoppers from online to in-store, too. For the next generation of shoppers, the smart dressing room just might be the only dressing room.

Understanding Your Customer

With customizable, flexible, and on-demand tools just a touch away,smart dressing rooms can empower customers to make informed decisions. Better yet, the more that customers engage with these features, the more a retailer learns about their likes and dislikes. That means smarter shopping for all.

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