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3 Tips For Maximising Your Slatwall

Maximising Your Slatwall

Creative visual merchandising is among the most effective marketing tools in the sales arsenal of brick-and-mortar retail. As a small and medium sized retail businesses, do you struggle with your store layout and displays? Slatwall offers an incredibly versatile solution to this problem.

Slatwall systems are MDF boards with parallel horizontal grooves lined with aluminum or plastic inserts. These slots support a huge variety of fixtures and accessories to display and store your products. Solid slatwall panels are mounted directly to the walls and flat surfaces of your store. Alternatively, freestanding towers with slatwall surfaces offer a flexible solution for stores with limited wall surfaces. Using slatwall panels, you can customize your display system to suit individual items and rapidly adapt to changing inventory. Slatwall is ideal if your store has limited floor space, and you need to maximize your in-store real estate. Most slatwall panels are about ¾ inch thick and offer an unobtrusive alternative to shelving units.

Be Creative!

Slatwall owes its popularity to its versatility and convenience but used creatively it provides an attractive finish that contributes to enhancing the overall aesthetic of your store.  Slatwall is available in a range of luxurious material finishes, so it is important to choose one that fits your store’s personality. Croc’s flagship store in Greenhithe, United Kingdom, features slatwall in a natural cedar finish that creates a warm environment and a connection to the traditional boat houses where the Croc’s brand originated.

Color exercises a huge influence on customer behavior and retailers should be aware of how

slatwall fits into the color concept of their store. Paintable slatwall makes it is easy to integrate slatwall into your store’s existing color scheme and help build brand recognition.

Measure Your Spaces

Once installed slatwall is a remarkably flexible system but it is necessary to plan and measure your space before purchase and installation carefully. Slatwall is typically purchased as 4ft x 8ft panels that cover a total area of 32 square feet. To determine the minimum number of panels required for your store, divide the total area to be covered in feet by 32. Always be sure to order an additional 10% or more material to compensate for cuts and wastage during installation.

Use a Diverse Combination of Slatwall Accessories

While traditional shelving units are capable of storing significant amounts of stock, they are rarely the best system for the appealing display of goods. With an extensive range of available slatwall accessories, the perfect fixture is available for every product. Slatwall allows a variety of products of differing shapes and sizes to be displayed together.

Important items – such as promotional items – should be placed at eye level on integrated shelves or racks while smaller individually packaged items hang on nearby hooks to increase visibility. Hooks are also ideal for hanging clothing while larger items can be displayed on shelves above or below eye level. Bins, baskets, and trays keep loose items visible and attract customer attention.

SIX:02 – the women’s fitness and lifestyle brand by Foot Locker – utilize slatwall in their stores to create eye-catching diverse displays that feature the product as an essential part of the store design. The various displays that mix and match slatwall accessories enhance customer interest and encourage browsing.

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