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The Life-Long Habit of Slatwall Maintenance Value and maintain your store's slatwall!

clean slatwall maintenance

For the value that slatwall provides, there should be great care put into it. That’s why slatwall maintenance is important.

Cleaning, using the right fixtures, and respecting your slatwall’s weight limits are all extremely important when it comes to the upkeep of your slatwall.

Cleaning Care

Depending on your store you may only need to clean your slatwall once each year. Cleaning slatwall is easy and freshens up your store. Supplies are simple and easy to get a hold of – you probably already have them.

Pro tip: If you can, analyze your store’s foot traffic and clean when you have relatively fewer customers than usual. This will lessen the sales impact that your store might experience due to displays being taken down.

Supplies include

  • A duster or vacuum
  • Three to four soft cloth towels – non-abrasive
  • Soft paper towels
  • A warm bucket of water
  • Mild cleaner like surface spray or a bucket of mild dish soap and warm water – no ammonia, bleach, or alcohol

Pro tip: Try the following technique on a discreet part of your slatwall first to make sure you have all the right supplies. You should also try to perfect the technique before doing a whole panel. It is also important not to get the inside panel wet. Use soft paper towels to prevent water from soaking into the panel and warping your slatwall.

To clean your slatwall

  1. Carefully remove your slatwall shelving and displays
  2. Dust or vacuum to remove light debris
  3. Wipe down slatwall with a damp, warm, soft cloth
  4. Dry with dry soft cloth
  5. Clean with a mild cleaner and soft cloth
  6. Rinse off chemical with damp, warm, soft cloth
  7. Dry with dry soft cloth
  8. Clean and carefully replace shelving

Fixture Care

Always use the right-sized fixtures with your slatwall. If you have after-factory slatwall inserts, or some factory-install inserts, not all fixtures may fit correctly. Using fixtures that do not fit correctly may result in warping, cracking or breaking of your slatwall. This could damage the fixture itself or cause a shelf to fall!

Weight Care

Be sure to abide by specific weight limits when placing heavy or large amounts of product on your shelves and displays. Weighing down shelves and displays can also result in damage.

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