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Top 5 Summer Retail Tips Our favorite ways to beat the heat and bring in new business this summer

It’s summer, and that means BBQs, vacation days, and more time for—you guessed it—shopping! We’ve put together our 6 top tips for maximizing the summer retail season!

Refresh Your Look

Make sure your window display is as sunny as the weather, because the last thing customers want to be reminded of is the winter months behind them. Think bright blues, tropical prints, stripes, and vacation-themed installations. For social media, have your graphic designer create a summer-themed logo or advertisement.

Make it a Party

What does every great summer party have? Party favors! Show off new products with inexpensive miniature or one-off items like beach towels, themed cups, or raffle them off in an exclusive summer sweepstakes.

Embrace the Outdoors

Whether your store is in a bustling retail district or tucked away on a sleepy street, take advantage of the warm temperatures and set up a ‘pop-up’ shop outside. Customers will appreciate the chance to do their shopping outdoors, and you’ll enjoy the increased sales. Just make sure your outdoor display doesn’t scream “lemonade stand”!

Take Vacation Seriously

For your customers, hard-earned vacations are serious business, often involving months of planning. Consider what extra items—like luggage, coolers, sunglasses, or outdoor equipment—you can offer shoppers to make it their best vacation yet.

Think Ahead

Even in June, the fall shopping season is only a few months away. Savvy parents, students, and shoppers will be stocking up in advance for back-to-school and Halloween. Make sure you get customers excited about your fall inventory with enticing photographs of new merchandise, and special deals for early shoppers.


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