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The Best Timesaving Technologies for Small Businesses We’ve found the best softwares to streamline your small business workflow.

When you’re running a small business, time is precious. Juggling management, development, administration, and HR can turn every workday into a marathon. But there’s no reason to suffer! New timesaving technologies can take hours off of your workload and streamline communication, making your business more efficient and less stressful.

Digital Coupons Made Easy

It goes without saying that coupons get customers excited about your products and offer great incentive to visit your store. If only they didn’t take so much time to distribute and manage! Thanks to qr2coupon, creating deals, alerting customers, and using them to collect shopper data is as easy as creating an email newsletter. And your customers will appreciate the paperless approach.

Social Media in Your Sleep

When you have a small staff and even smaller marketing budget, social media can be a great DIY advertising tool. But if a social media manager isn’t on your payroll, scheduling tweets and posting content will quickly turn into a full-time job. Take some of the stress out of this task with Buffer, a smart, timesaving app that manages all your social media outlets at once, even enabling you to schedule posts while you sleep (shhh).

De-Stress Your Schedule

Tired of calling and texting employees to find out when they’re coming in? WhenIWork is a scheduling software that works like an interface between employee and boss, doing away with the need for excel spreadsheets, iCalendar, or worse—a paper schedule tacked on a bulletin board. Team-members can confirm availability, trade shifts, and log hours, all from the convenience of their phones.

Become a Digital Signage Pro

Old-fashioned chalkboards or printed menu boards require a manager or team-member to update daily. That’s anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour every day spent on changing menu items, product descriptions, and prices. By contrast, Digital Signage solutions from Tebo Store Fixtures can be updated remotely, and schedules can be made in advance—plus, they give an instantly professional look.

Direct Messaging

Sometimes you only have a simple message to communicate with your employees, like ‘did you send that report?’ so email feels too formal. Instead of text messaging or shouting across the room, Slack offers direct and group messaging in an easy-to-use, timesaving interface.

What software and apps does your small business use to save time? Let us know by sending us a tweet at @TEBOfixtures!

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